The underlying problem in the industry is that everybody and their mother wants to be a pilot no matter what the pay is.

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If left unchecked this would allow airlines to drive wages down and down by firing the people that they pay the most (ie most experience) and hiring younger, cheaper pilots. To prevent this, unions institute the seniority principles, making more loyal, expensive pilots harder to fire, because they cant fire you for someone willing to do your job for less.

This is a double edge sword, because it keeps pay down for new pilots, and relegates them to doing the shittier parts of the job. It makes the most important part of your resume at a company not your skill, or hours flown, but the amount of time youve been there. So you cant advance if youre better than someone else. It also keeps pilots from jumping ship from a shitty company because they would lose their seniority.

Without the unions, pay would equalize down, and every pilot in the industry would be paid less.


So the problem is not with the companies, or with the unions, its with the people. Yeah it sucks that it cost 80gs to learn to be a pilot that doesn’t get paid very much, but as long as lots of people are willing to do it, then it doesn’t really matter. If anything, increasing the price of pilot school would also help with the problem. Or, make flying airplanes harder

Want to be paid more as a pilot? Start telling people who want to be pilots that its shitty and not worth it.