Re: Toyota Century FP Article

In case you missed it, Ken Saito published an article on the Toyota Century.


The TLDR version is essentially: absolute flagship vehicle handmade for the Japanese market only and is supposed to be Toyota’s finest display of precision, attention to detail, reliability, in an understated design.

*scrolls to comments, the first several of which are complaining about:

-CVT is boring AF
-Germans do it so much better
-I don’t get it
-Dated switchgear
-No 360 camera, how is this even luxury
-Boring paint


Do people even read before storming the comments with their complaints? I mean, it’s a super niche vehicle. There are only 50 made a year, and it’s designed solely for the uppermost luxury segment for a country of 130m people that’s the size of California. It’s not for people who get super excited about the bangin’ sound system and carplay headunit. It’s not for going fast. It’s obviously not for people who need to flaunt the size of their genitalia.

When did the FP lose its car enthusiasts? The people who would get excited about super niche, crazy weird cars? When did it fill up with whoever’s on it now?


Sorry. It’s been a long and crappy week. I’ll return to placing my frustrations elsewhere.

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