Re-watching Questlove's RBMA interview

While rebuilding the desktop I built 4 years ago for this job I just left:

So apparently I decided to get all 90's Ford with a sketch while I reformatted drives. Don’t worry, I took out any bubbly intake things.


What a surprisingly emotional thing things can be. I built this desktop in the studio four years ago this week. It was about as good and reliable as a computer can be. And now I have to wipe it all down and send it off to someone else for a place that I am no longer a part of. Like a carriage driver and a horse kinda relationship, except that the driver also raised the horse since before he was born, and now has to hope that the next person will be kind.

Probably a stretched metaphor unless you grew up with horses.

And if you want any history lessons, practice lessons, life lessons, listen to this one. It’s one of the greatest things you could ever be exposed to. If I had a million hours, I would transcribe and annotate every sentence and ask everyone who listens to it to do the same (sorta like soundcloud, I guess). Because so much of what he’s talking about is a distillation of time, place, attitude, ideals.


Here’s what working on 4 computers and 15 hard drives looks like right now:


So many amazing, amazing things in this interview. At 1:121:30:

“actually requires me to master my weakness”

And if Windows 10 tells you “This will take a while” it means it.

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