Read this page from a book I bought

It’s about how to drive a car properly. Printed England ~1933.

So I spent a long ass time in this big second hand book store in Melbourne, combing through car books, looking for something cool to strew around my lounge room in a careless fashion so that I seem more adult.


There’s so much to draw from this:

  • Two kinds of cars - the manual and the other kind of manual. Of course, the auto-depressant was still far from prolific but it’s crazy to hear such a strong statement that’s so so out of touch with anything close to the modern world
  • I’m not ashamed to admit that I haven’t heard of 50% or more of the manufacturers listed. Most are defunct, which is sad
  • Obviously this was printed by the British, but also for the British. I guess travel and trade internationally back then were dangerous, slow and expensive. They had no need to make the book fit any other market
  • Mention of those with “front wheel drive” as if it’s some oddity. Which of course it is, the Citroen Traction Avant was released around that time and as we know it was a FWD pioneer

I think this was an absolute steal at $7. It’s an awesome time capsule, it reads like satire. It’s hard to fathom something that speaks with such authority and bland-ness, but is so thoroughly and comically out of touch.


So I also bought the Porsche book seen below, which is sort of a fancy marketing tool for the 911. Only really cool because it’s old.

And a book that’s pretty much just lyrics from Canadian dude John K Samson ie. The Weakerthans ie. that guy from Propaghandi. Because it’s cool band merch and it’s cool seeing the lyrics on page presented as poems.


They had a big book on the design of the New Beetle which is sort of sitting in my mind. Maybe that’s super cool, given the oddness of the car but also its irrelevance for anyone who would buy such a book. If you saw a New Beetle book in someone’s house, what the hell would you think?

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