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As most of you know, I created the Reader's Rides list on Google Drive. I have made it open access to all so that anyone could go in add/edit their rides as they see fit. The other day some noob messed it all up, luckily Google Drive's settings allow easy auto restore to any previous version. Thank you to whoever put those directions in at the top. I really do not have time to constantly monitor the spreadsheet but I think it is a good resource. This leaves me with two options. 1. Leave things as is, and hope that no one messes it up and if they do one of you will fix it or 2. Make it view-able to everyone but only editable by a few. This means I have to assign editors to monitor it and will most likely mean that it will be updated/changed less. I prefer option 1. But since this is really Oppo's spreadsheet and not mine, I wanted your input.


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