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I've imported the entries that people have updated in the old readers rides list. I'm leaving it active for a few more weeks if anyone else wants their cars imported.


Addressing comments on the new sheet :

'ERROR: No section for OTHER currently owned cars.'

No section needed, each currently owned car should be put on its own line.

Another column you may want to add is if car is drivable, project, non drivable, parts, & stuff like that.'


That information can be added in the 'comments' section. The majority of cars on the list would be of 'drivable' status, so the column wouldn't provide valuable data.

Still working on :

  • A nicer looking chart screen.
  • Better colour contrast for the colour blind.
  • Setting maximum column height/width so the sheet can be viewed on laptops/tablets easily.

For anyone wanting to add new cars check the post below, but please remember, if you've asked for you car to be imported from the old sheet, please do not input it into the new sheet. Also when working on the old sheet, use the drop down lists in each cell, this is necessary for the graphs/charts to work, otherwise I have to manually edit the data.

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