So, I said when this new Oppo got started that I would start creating a bit of original content. This will be the beginning of it. There will be car reviews, stories, how too write ups, I will also be chronicling every little or big thing I do to my TL. The first car review will be a Supercharged MGB and that will be later this week.

For right now though I will give some background into one of my very favorite things. My 2004 Acura TL. The 3G TL is a handsome car and many of us Jalops would agree but it does not get thought of much in our realm of car lovers. We either look at the super exotic or the “true” Jalop cars, your Volvo wagons, Z cars and so on. I however love this car and I really truly doubt I will ever let it go.

I bought it my sophomore year in college at Texas Tech. My dad owned about 7 cars at the time and was looking to get rid of a few so I told him I would buy the TL for whatever he owed left on it, $9,000. It was a good deal, the car only had 5,000 miles on it and was only 4 years old. From the moment I slid into the drivers seat I could feel myself starting to love this car more and more. This was probably due to it being the firs non beater car I ever owned.

It is a 2004 so it is the first year of the 3G body style and it was a huge leap in design from the 1G and 2G. It has a very tight look to it with great bodylines. It is not a desperately pretty car, in fact it blends in pretty well with everyday traffic. However once you start to look at one individually the little things start to stand out. Like I said before, it is a handsome car. I can only imagine their reasoning behind the 4G TL.

As far as performance goes, it received a 3.2L J series engine good for about 270hp. Since that time it has received a few upgrades. Starting with a sort of CAI. I took off the intake resonator and piped down to the front bumper so it is still using a stock airbox but it is pulling air from the front. Next up was a custom 3” catback exhaust but there is no cat in there so the flow is much better. This matted up with a custom J pipe with cat deletes and it can get a bit loud but not raspy. I picked up a set us Type S injectors a year after I got the car and slid them in there. It has a great growl to it, very low and mean even at idle(videos to come). There is also a lightweight crank pulley that I put on at 100,000 miles while changing the belt . I had it put on a dyno last year to see what sort of numbers it was putting down. We got to 310hp. Now with 270hp the torque steer was pretty good but with 310hp it can be a handful. I have become, in a way, addicted to the torque steer that is produces. Strange, I know.

Mine came with a 5A/T transmission that was only good for about 60000 miles before it shit out on me. After it decided to leave me stranded I worked with a friend to rebuild it, only slightly stronger. The result was a 5A/T that shifts a bit harder and faster than the stock one but something that is still smooth in auto mode. I thought about a 6 speed swap but my wife hates driving manual so I stuck with the 5. This transmission has about 60,000 miles on it and it is going strong.   


It has a double wishbone setup on all four corners backed up by Eibach shocks and springs on all four as well. It has a firm but forgiving ride. It is perfect for me and that is why I set it up that way. I get complaints from some people that it is too rough. Too bad. It handles really well for a FWD car, there is lots of grip to be had from the 245/35/19 tires. However you have to be careful when diving into a corner, there is a bit of understeer but you have to stay in it, if you lift off it will immediately go into oversteer. However it is easy to recover with a bit of throttle.

The interior is black and for an almost 10 year old car it is just fantastic. It still looks good by today’s standards. The leather has worn well and still is in good shape. The only thing that has gone wrong is a small crack in the dash but that is pretty much going to happen eventually in Texas heat.

Now I have been doing little upgrades to this car for the past year or so and they will continue. I will have these on my blog here on oppo and they will be in great detail. It will be receiving RL calipers with Brembo rotors, a 1” drop with new shocks and springs, the inside dash lights will be changed to red(currently white), iPod integreation, Navi hack, eventually a supercharger will be added, and all pulleys will be changed. The list will go on but that is what is on it for now.


I will continue to write original content on here, the next is set for later this week. I will be looking at a Supercharged MGB.