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Reader's Roundup 2017 pt. 2

Oh yeah beh beh, it’s that time of the year (second half) for the annual JalOppoLald roundup at COTA to watch some endurance racing!!!!

I missed this year’s IMSA race but if all goes well, I will be there this Saturday to catch this mega event. I will be there as soon as the gates open in the early morning. I will have my black OPPO t-shirt, white shorts, and my red/white LaLD hat. Before the race, me and my fam will stop by a little taco stand right outside the Lot P entrance to get some breakfast tacos before hand, as is tradition :]

Schedule for Saturday:



TIME: 10:50 AM !!!!!!!!!!

LOCATION: Front Straight Tunnel Entrance!!!!!!



Like years before:

  • Quick meetup
  • Chat
  • Group photo
  • Group grid walk


Heck yeah, i’m stoked to see some OG OPPO/LaLD crew along with rad Jalopnik readers. The meet is a quicky but always rad to put some faces on some rad site visitors and friends :] Hopefully the weather is rad and let’s enjoy some world class racing for possibly the last time in TEXAS.

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