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One of my 4 jobs is working at the local libraries as a desk clerk and as tech. help for patrons. During a slow period today where we had everything done and there was nobody around, I took a look around the automotive section of the smaller library I was working in today and found this:

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It’s a philosophical autobiography about the life and automotive life lessons of a mechanic who ran a British (mostly, but also other Euro rides) car garage in the US for decades. It doesn’t just talk about British rides though - Euro, classic American, it’s all there.

VERY good read so far, quite enjoying it. I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to give it a go! :)

Currently at an earlier chapter full of amusing little fables he taught the newbie apprentices at his garage - gems such as:

‘Open circuits are a broken chain;
They’re promise, fantasy, potential, inaction,
utterly free of traveling electrons.
All electrical failures are mechanical in nature.
Traveling electrons may get dizzy, but they never get lost...’

Get out there and find a copy to peruse sometime! :D

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