The family sedan test caught my eye, as they tested almost my exact car: a 2016 Mazda6 i Touring with the 6-speed automatic. Only differences between theirs and mine are color and the fact that mine has the optional sunroof. They also tested a new Camry, Malibu, and Accord.

Their perennial favorite, the Accord, has slipped a little as it came in third, just ahead of the Camry. The Malibu was ranked second and the 6 took home the win.

And, for everyone that laments the Mazda6's apparent lack of power, it was quicker than all of its competitors in this test in just about every category. Four-cylinder family sedans aren’t meant to be drag racers, but the ones on sale today are more than enough in my opinion.

Car and Driver’s complaints about the 6 were right on par with mine, too. It’s a bit noisy. And the steering wheel doesn’t seem to telescope even as far as the one in my former car (‘08 Mazda3) did. I haven’t noticed anything odd about brake feel in mine, though. Other than the road noise (and my stupid seat upholstery needing a warranty repair), I've honestly had zero complaints.