Ready for an Oppo Meet tomorrow!

Weather was beautiful on the way home through Malibu! Diff is still full, coolant temperatures are steady, and nothing new has broken. So the Miata is ready to do some canyon carving with whatever hodgepodge crew of Oppos show up bright and early at 730am. Should be good timing to avoid the worst of the weekend beach traffic but we can only hope for no marine layer. Either way, much fun will be had.


I also actually put gas in the car AHEAD of time so, Future Heap Owner can say he has shit talked me into filling up the car lol.


Hopefully the Miata does not experience any new problems so that I don't have to swap out cars midway through again. It'll continue running hotter than I'd like but Temps under 220 are perfectly safe and on average I'm below 200, even with hard driving anyways. Big crossflow rad is coming before the next track day but for now I'll get by. 

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