It’s coming! We have plans to make another three episodes after this one and we can’t wait to show them. Episode 2 comes out January 31st but here’s a behind the scenes peek at what we get up to.

So back in January 2015, Alex bought a car.

It turned out to be nothing short of the rustiest car known to man.


So Alex set about replacing every single rotten bit of steel on the car. This eventually included the cowl, inner rockers, outer rockers, both door posts, both rear fenders and both floor pans and a seat pan. EVERYTHING was rusted.

After literally a year of work, he had the car multi-colored but vaguely Datsun-shaped once again.


And so with nothing more than a lap around the block, we decided to break it in by road-tripping it 600 miles through the mountains. With no top.

Episode 2 is an absolute saga and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. See it on YouTube January 31st.