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Ready for the track day, bro?

Yes that says Mazderati

Long day yesterday of autocross followed by an unexpected roll bar install. Now my car is ready for the track day bro! It was not how I expected my Sunday night to go but its fully installed and all the panels are back in nice and pretty. This is a Boss Frog Clearview Max roll bar and with my autocross helmet on in the seat with no padding I clear a broomstick by about an inch. Now I can also adjust the seat slightly at an angle to get it lower and I need another helmet anyways (mine is open face) so I will look for a shorter one.

Would be nice if I could pass tech with the padding in like this
There is some nice forward clearance to my head for daily driving too

Now I just need to source some SFI padding and do my brakes and then the car will be ready for more events. But in the mean time, this thing just looks cool, it adds some minor structural support to the car, and its actually quite practical. The glass window soft top clears it beautifully as well. It goes up/down exactly the same as without the roll bar. Obviously its just harder to do from the drivers seat.


It only took 6 hours from start to finish and minimal swearing and blood was shed to get everything in. The hardest part was just lining up the seat belt tower bolts since my car’s tolerances were apparently slightly different than the other guys same year Miata. But after cross threading bolts and having to retap the holes, we eventually go it in and drilled out the other holes and reassembled everything neatly and safely. The seat belt sucks now and doesnt retract well on its own but thats normal with this sort of thing.

Also, some bonus shots of autocross and hiking this weekend:

The only car that can make a Miata look gigantic. Also, my headlight is clear! Silicone works wonders.
NJ can be alright at times
Obelisk of doom in the distance

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