This is what it takes to get me through two weeks in a hotel room. I have my suitcase all set up on a stand, my hanging clothes in the closet, supplies in the dorm fridge (under the TV), snacks for the week on the dresser, some detergent for doing laundry this weekend, my computer set up for reading Oppo and studying, my pilot bag for my flights this weekend, and an R/C plane with a box of parts so I can make some repairs this week.

The plane is a Flite Test Explorer. We were doing loops and had a wing separation, resulting in a less than ideal landing. Fortunately, these are cheap and easy to repair. The boom will get a couple of skewers for reinforcement, a little hot glue to stick it back together, and some packing tape to finish it off.

If you’re wondering about the black nose cone, I built that one from scratch because I wasn’t fond of the original nose cone design. This one is smashed, so I have to build a new one once I pick up some foam board. Having a contrasting color is a good way to distinguish mine plane from others when they’re in the air.