The Avalon is now registered and ready to go. The thing is so damn comfy and the aircon is amazing. Very clean except for a small dents on the roof and bonnet. Airbag light keeps flashing after I accidentally drained the battery first day (too used to automatic headlights).

2002 model with only 91k km! I’m about $3000 aussie dollars into this thing after tax, insurance and registration.


Now the sad news.. The day before the Avalon got registered, the Bimmer was rear-ended by an arsehole P-plater (probably on his phone) on the highway. Might get written off and I will end up loosing a lot of money I put into it. This is the exact reason I had bought the Toyota to prevent this!



The damage doesn’t look so bad, but the rear impact bar and boot lid area is bent. I calculated the parts to be around 5k usd. Will be going to the best bmw repair shop in Sydney. I really don’t want it written off though =(