1,800sf on 2 acres. 3 bed. 1 bath. “3-season” aka summer. $2.49 mil and it’s got a pending sale. Days on market: 15.


Oh yes, it’s also on a very nice lake. But I kid you not, this is on the same lake almost line-of-sight about a mile and a half away:

For $2.44 mil. Over 3,000sf and FOUR SEASON. Not to mention massive renovations about 10 years ago, and impeccable landscaping. Now I happen to know that on this lake, the nicer-looking house is in a much less private location, and has had trouble selling before probably because of that. AND there’s a lot of value here in these old camps. But STILL. Days on market (this time, for the 3rd or 4th time with this owner): 111.


And yet, someone will probably knock down the cottage and build something like the second house anyway. At least here, they stay tucked in behind the trees for the most part. Very few homes are as visible as the big one linked above.


For my ~$2.5 million I’d have this:


8 acres! Also a less desirable location than the first one, but WAY better than the other one. Makes me wonder why that one is selling but this one isn’t.


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