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Real Garage: C.R.E.A.M. Edition

I need to head off to bed right away, but I had a good idea (to me). Here’s the deal, you have $30k in cash money and you can have as many vehicles as you want as long as you don’t break that budget. Your vehicle selections must be currently owned by someone you know. That means a relative, friend, coworker, neighbor, whatever! As long as you have met the current owner of the vehicle prior to this post, that vehicle is eligible for your garage.

The point of this edition is that you need to make an offer to buy that person’s vehicle, and you need to guess how much it would take to get them to part ways with the vehicle.


We’ll see how this goes. I’m off to bed, so I’ll trust you all to work this out on your own if I didn’t explain it well enough. Night Oppo!

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