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Real Garage: Lugs = Wheels Edition

Let’s do this! Three vehicle garage, all vehicles must be model years 1993 to 2006. Here’s your twist: the amount of visible tires must match the number of lugs. *All vehicles must have a different number of lugs!!!!

So if you can see four tires from the exterior of the vehicle, that vehicle must have 4-lug wheels. If you can see 5 tires, the vehicle must have 5-lug wheels.


Make sense?

For further incentive, you’ll be scored:

0 tires, 0-lug = 2 points

1 tire, 1-lug = 10 points

2 tires, 2-lug = 8 points

3 tires, 3-lug = 6 points

4 tires, 4-lug = 4 points

5 tires, 5-lug = 2 points

6 tires, 6-lug = 4 points

Anything else = 8 points

Have it!

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