First, figure out the original MSRP of your current vehicle (or what you would estimate it to have been). Then subtract from that original MSRP what you actually paid for the vehicle. That is your budget and it is to be used for replacing that vehicle with ONE model from the SAME Automaker (not necessarily the same brand!)

Feel free to do this with every vehicle you currently own. NO ADJUSTING FOR INFLATION!

Example 1: 2006 Kia Amanti

(MSRP $27,995) - (Paid $7,500) = (Budget $20,495)

One more example for you using my other vehicle.

Example 2: 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X

(MSRP $32,000) - (Paid $21,987) = (Budget $10,013)

So I would have $20,495 to spend on any Kia or Hyundai in Example 1, and $10,013 to spend on any Jeep or Chrysler product in Example 2. Basically causing the vehicles to trade places!

This should be fun because so many Opponauts have new cars! Everyone with an old car gets a newer one, while everyone with a newer car gets an older one! If you have both, then it’s like your own garage is flipping around.

I’m off to bed. Have fun and good night Oppo!