The challenge is to choose at least one of your vehicles and find a direct replacement vehicle whose list price can be found within $1,000 of your vehicle’s clean trade-in value. Feel encouraged to use the NADA Guides for this. Or use anything you want honestly, I don’t care!

If you would like to swap your entire garage, I’d love to see it! If this is a bit time consuming but you would like to participate still, just list your car and what it’s direct swap would be.


My 2006 Kia Amanti has a Clean Trade-in value of $4,000.

I need to replace it with a vehicle that serves the same roll, which is a large, undiscript, premium sedan able to move 4 adults comfortably.

Well I could replace it directly with a Mitsubishi Diamante. This 2002 model is listed at $3,995 with just 31,000 miles more than my Kia.


Mitsubishi Diamante Interior


Kia Amanti Interior

Ex. 2 (without running precise numbers)

The 2012 Grand Cherokee will likely have a clean trade-in of $18,000. It’s purpose is a work vehicle that carries a lot of cargo and travels around 44,000 miles a year. I could probably replace it with a late mid-2000s 4Runner. Not the best answer since I would be losing a lot of power. I bet there is a GM SUV that would be a better fit. However, without the research Im still participating!


Have fun and good night Oppo!