So, I recently got a callback regarding an IT position I applied for, and I'll be getting an offer in writing soon. Not only does this mean I'll get an actual desk job, but I'll be escaping retail hell and more than doubling my income.

More build threads for Mr. Deux to come!


I also got some seat time with Dad's Cayman S over Thanksgiving. The car is a 2010 with the six speed, and I have an interesting perspective in comparing it to a mid-engined car that's 17 years older.

I will say I was surprised by the amount of road noise in the car, but the engine note was glorious, especially above 5k. Steering feel was good, but the wheel lacks the distinct response that my MR2 has. It's still hydraulic (prior to the electric revision), but it just doesn't transmit road feel like I'm used to. That being said, it's more proper for a luxury/sports car that costs around $50k. The clutch was simple to use, and honestly only needed about an inch of throw to disengage, compared to the M3 that he had previously, this was simple to drive.

Audio system was good, but I turned it off every time I started the car; not what I was interested in. Seats were firm, but comfortable. Interior was well appointed, very nice and fairly rare in not being black.