Real Oppo

I’ll keep it short and sweet: these last seven days have been ass.

I was bed-ridden with a nasty cold last Friday through Monday. And I’m still coughing up some nasty looking stuff. I - and all of my coworkers - have been working excessive hours. I’m responsible for a small team and am trying to hold up morale by the seams while struggling with it myself. People are coming to me and telling me they’re feeling the crunch, and I’ve been told it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. Elsewhere, there is other stuff that is slightly too personal but also not *too* important.

TLDR: Oof!

At least I was able to reward myself a little today. Went out with a good friend and treated myself to what I look forward to most on the weekends (outside of cooking breakfast and other sins of the flesh): driving my car.


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