At least, Real Racing 3 carries Mazda. And that’s not all Firemonkeys brought.

If anyone can do a hi-res version, that’d be great.

First off, though, let this announcement sink in. That is the Mazda 787B, a soprano among endurance racers, and a bona-fide legend. But more importantly, this car opens a new door for more Mazdas to be added in the game, like the RX-7, Mazdaspeed 3, and maybe, just maybe, Spec Miata of every generation.

Please have a Renown livery. Please?

Players can dare blow their load on this in an 8-day event.

This seems like a doable event, but the upgrade pricing makes this a no bueno, even with this guy’s R$11-million cash stash.


The event that will greet you when you play, however, will have the new, mid-engine 911 RSR for a prize.

Having given this car a test run in Day 1, I say this car is a vastly different racer to drive compared to the old RSR. The fulcrum effect is gone, but the turn-in and exit is still magnificent. And again, it doesn’t look as MR as you think. The 911 shape still checks out.


Look at how elite those two Gr.C cars are.

The other two Group C cars, Porsche’s illustrious 962C

I shall see if this car lives up to the expectations. Why this livery, though?


and Jaguar’s V12-powered XJR-9,

At 245 mph, this is the fastest endurance racer in the game.

will join the Caterham 620R in limited-time Career runs. Which I think is strange, considering the caliber of the prototypes.


I tell you now, Flashback events are great.

Finally, three new Flashback events are waiting for you to play. They’ve removed the escalating Rating limits, and have made it much easier to win events with the least cash and premium currency spent. I got my 918 Weissach this way. I’m probably not gonna be anle to win the F1 car, though.