Real talk: Fatal Car Accidents

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Recently, there have been two fatal accidents in the area that I think about often.


Both involved a driver either drunk, speeding or both. In both cases, the only fatality was the driver.

Crash 1:

A 17 year old in his parents BMW 335i who had been drinking crashed near my house and was thrown clear and killed as he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. The four others in the car were fine. So he was drinking, speeding, violating his license by the number of people in the car and not wearing his seatbelt.


Crash 2:

Yesterday an Audi R8 took off from a light driving onto a bridge as quickly as he could. He lost control and hit a taxi. The R8 exploded and killed him instantly. The crash shut down an important artery into the downtown core for a full day.


I’ve seen bodies after crashes, and dealt with families who have lost people in crashes or had their lives changed due to the actions of others.

I feel for the families of those killed, but as for the people themselves, fuck them. Their decisions put others at risk or harmed others.


What does Oppo think? Am I too hard on those killed? I’ve asked others and opinion seems split.

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