I've seen a few hypothetical questions on here and Jalop before... but a friend literally just emailed me this 20 minutes ago. I thought there is no better place than Oppo and Jalop to get an answer. Nothing hypothetical about this one, I know this guy and he will definitely be buying two cars for the price he mentioned. (Note: he currently drives an '11 Acura TL, he's late 20s, he likes cars, but I wouldn't say he's an enthusiast.)

Here's the unedited email:

You have $45k to spend on two used cars.

Car 1: Must be reliable (preferably pre-owned certified), warranty, hold 5 passengers very comfortably (full size sedan, 4 door pick-up truck etc, and cannot be too flashy. This car will be used to drive clients around town. These clients do not want to know that you make a good living

Car 2: Night & weekend car. Fast as shit. Not a bmw. 2 doors or 4 doors. Nothing that will be in the shop all of the time.


So, what say you Jalops?

Edit: Just heard back... I think he is leaning toward import for car #2... he mentioned Porsche (pic related), S4, or S2000