So yeah,,, the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. Looks cool, doesn’t it kids?


I need to calm down here, cool my jets. This is so impressive though. The little Corvette, America’s sports car: all grown up and playing with the big boys on the block now.

When you think of the block, where exactly do you think of? There are endless great roads in America but two in particular come to my mind. Both are historic and at least one is still relevant today.


California Highway 1, PCH Pacific Coast Highway. Even without the vistas the road is awesome. Long, winding and sweeping curves and turns: a few long straights to stretch the engines muscle. PCH may be the premier road in America.

It comes with great history as well, as does my other choice:


Woodward Ave in Detroit MI. I have a real soft spot for Detroit. It has nothing to do with the old big3 but rather, the people left behind and decimated by the old big3.

The people of Detroit is what makes Detroit special: and I mean those who live in Detroit proper and it’s ‘suburbs’. Flint is one such place, Pontiac another and don’t leave out Warren.


Detroit has been used and abused for a century now and it’s been left stripped and naked to the elements. The one thing left of value and worth, the thing that makes the city so vibrant and alive, the thing that makes saving and investing in Detroit a smart bet? The citizens and people of Detroit!

I’ve been in out of Detroit so many times now, particularly for the NIAS and other industry events, even in God awful winter, that at times it feels like a sister city to my own and a second home.

It’s funny to hear politicians talk about the ‘Heartland’ of America being somewhere in the middle of the country: BULLSHIT! Not to take away anything from those who live in the middle but America can and should be proud and willing to recognize that Detroit is the blue collar, sweat equity, boots on the ground and ethical center of America.


Perfect? No, but well worthy of greater recognition and the rest of you should be ashamed that Detroit has fallen to where it is today. You cannot live anywhere in America and point fingers at those only in Detroit. Nationally, you and the rest have a part to play.

Back to the Corvette ZR1


Still looks awesome, don’t it?

Here is my question though: where and when are you going to use this thing?

Have you driven on the roads in America lately? Where and when are you going to find a place with no traffic, the space to unleash that 755HP and where the cops aren’t going to get you, but not even bother with you?


Maybe track days only for this car then? That’s not how it’s being sold or marketed though. And it’s not what your thinking either.

We do need, yes I choose my words carefully here, NEED sports cars, even the ridiculous ones like this stupid ZR1.

I would advise to you and all my car enthusiast brothers/sisters that we have reached the pinnacle of ridiculous in this new golden age of the car: the personal car as we know it.


I’m trying to think of a place and time in my own life, in my physical surroundings and daily/weekly drives where I could really use this cars full potential.

There are small stretches, mostly straights, where at certain times of the day, mostly in the middle of the night, where I could let this thing rip. 30 seconds at a time, that would be it.

I’m not just picking on Chevrolet or the ZR1, this new arms race is out of control now and mostly meaningless to %95 of us. having spent some time in the racing world, I also know that %99 of us don’t have the skill to pilot such a machine: leave your ego at the door.


Both PCH and Woodward Ave represent two distinct flavors of American car culture. Opposite ends of the country and some may argue opposite ends of the car enthusiasts passion. One either road, where and when can you use the ZR1 to it’s full potential?

I want to and do dream of machines like this, I’m no different than you. I’ve just come to the realization that most of this is stupid and I wont be able to own, let alone even drive one of these hyper machines on the road.

More and more I’m starting to understand why ‘Jalops’ keep banging on about how the Miata is always the answer. I knew I wasn’t wrong lusting after the base Lotus Elise.