Since buying my Lexus in February I feel as though I almost never put gas in it. Naturally, I decided to start saving my receipts.

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For starters, it has a pretty good sized tank - by far the largest in any car I’ve owned at 18.7 gallons. Figuring conservatively at 20mpg mixed driving, that’s a range of 374 miles, which is about bang on what the computer always provides as range (usually starts at 38x, depending on mood). My commute is also pretty short, only about 10 miles each way.

Going back to the receipts, since the beginning of July, I’ve put gas in the car three times - July 1, July 18 and yesterday, August 8. Two full tanks essentially got me through 5.5 weeks.


The realization?  I don’t drive much at all anymore, and that sort of gives me a sad.

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