So, yeah, we’ve established that rallycross is a contact sport. Now it’s time for a developer to take full advantage of that and turn it into a game.

I propose an arcade WorldRX vs GRC or WRC: Crossfire (or something like that; I’m weak at titles) game that combines the best bits of Blur and Split/Second, more powerups, Burnout-style Takedowns and NFS-style Tech Kills and unique-to-the-game killstreaks (multiple takedowns), with the basic but mixed rules of FIA rallycross as well as Gymkhana and endurance (random, procedurally-generated courses with dynamic weather and time) stage rally time attack, using both new rigs, old greats, and/or Dakar competitors (optional: real drivers).

Multiplayer? The kind that’s on par with Battlefield, but with an Autolog-like system. Track builder? Oh hell yes. And I mean an octagonal block system where you can also stretch, warp, compress, lower, raise, add banking and overall modify every piece so that it looks less generic and more unique. It’s gonna be something like this, but with more next-gen goodness and fully-destructible and open-ended objects and environments.