This is the guy we were supposed to feel sorry for, and people gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to?

Quote from/info about James Robertson in a USA Today article.

"I went to the casino on Saturday, and people wanted to get their pictures taken with me," he said Sunday, laughing.

In the past, Robertson said he has visited Detroit's casinos occasionally and gambles small amounts of his $10.55-per-hour wage.

EDIT: LET ME BE CLEAR, my issue is not with James Robertson!!! He just happens to be the individual in this given story. My issue is with how the media publishes these sob stories to pluck at people's heart strings (i.e. boost ratings), and then how people just blindly throw money at whatever the given "problem" is just to feel better about themselves. The issue is with society/charity, not this one guy who clearly has a very rough life.