Its subtle, after all it was but a kiss.

Queuing for the highway toll booth some dimwit in a grey Jetta laid his car upon me, I opened the door and made the universal sign for “What the hell man?” but the non aggressive one:

The man flipped me off, and seeing that it was night in the middle of nowhere in the highway and my family was in the car I decided to simply park alongside the toll booth and not follow up on the aggression, instead the guy went flying onto the highway. By now either two things were going on: the car was stolen or he was drunk, seeing either possibility as dangerous for other drivers and myself I chased him. I know it wasn’t the right thing to do but dammit I was getting those plates.

And for as fast as your euro Jetta is,you can’t escape a V8 for long. I pulled close enough to him so that I could read the plates and have my sister write them down.


I got his plates, 454-XFJ, and reported him to the police because I honestly worry he goes about endangering others.