I bought a new pressure washer this weekend – a Craftsman 2800 psi model with a Briggs & Stratton 163cc engine. Briggs & Stratton engines have always performed well for me.

From the manual.
Image: Dakotahound

The manual states “…never change the oil…Just Check and Add™…” This just doesn’t seem right. My grandfather was a mechanic (a Reading Railroad mechanic) and taught me to always change the oil at 3,000 mile intervals. His ghost would probably haunt me if I never changed the oil. I am still not totally comfortable with changing synthetic oil at 5,000 miles; and Porsche recommends 10,000 mile intervals. Never changing the oil seems totally irresponsible.


Also, here is a photograph of the oil that they supplied. It does not even appear to be synthetic.

Briggs & Stratton oil.
Image: Dakotahound

Is there some new technology for which I am not aware, or should I just ignore the recommendation and change the oil at 100 hour intervals.

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