Really cool infographic: What does your county look like?

It’s not car related, but I found it really interesting and thought maybe some of you would as well. It displays information on the effect that growing up in a particular county has on a child’s future income. Almost every county is available, and data can be sorted by gender and parental income.


Some observations:

  • Interestingly, my home county, Genesee County in Michigan, is 4th worst in the entire country for poor children. Simultaneously, it is also in the 95th percentile for boys from families in the top 1%, and about average for boys from rich families.
  • Also interestingly, there is an extremely sharp gender divide for rich families in my home county. About average for 75th percentile boys, TERRIBLE for 75th percentile girls. The effect is even more pronounced in the top 1%, being among the best in country for boys and one of the worst in the country for girls.
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  • This is probably most fascinating and surprising to me: there seems to be a geographic divide for outcomes between genders. For counties in the center of the country (IA, MN, NE, KA), girls seem to be fair better than boys. The further away you get from these counties, the advantage decreases until it reverses and boys gain the advantage, with many coastal counties having terrible outcomes for girls (this effect is most pronounced in the 75th percentile range). What is driving this relationship? I’ve been racking my brain but I really have no idea.

So how does your county stack up? Any other interesting observations? Any answers to my questions?

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