Kicker 6.75 CompRT. I was very skeptical at first. Seemed gimmicky, but they were on sale for $60 each, and the stock woofers in the Gen Coupe R-Spec are, how shall I put it, underwhelming. It was also the only “sub” I could find that fit the stock 2.99" mounting depth and 6.75" opening.

Here’s what was in there before. To Hyundai’s credit, at least the paper cones are treated and they used a rubber surround. That said, the x-max is horrible, and the distortion was painful. Literally fatiguing to the ears for any prolonged listening or any high volume. Or maybe I’m just old.

The install was fairly straight forward. I only had to remove the rear seat, C pillar trim, rear quarter trim, and door still trim. After that it was just a matter of out with the old and in with the new.


I’m running the subs and components off of the same 4-channel amp.

I’ve got to do a little more fiddling around with the lowpass, gain, and bass boost on these little subs to get them to blend the way I like with the components.


It’s close as it is right now and it sounds just capital!

Overall I’m pleased with the bass output for such a small driver. The best part, what little trunk space I have wasn’t impacted.