OK. I get that the stuff that they were being assaulted with was terrible.

I agree with the steps gawker (FINALLY) took to help them, I don't want them put through that hell.

But 1 week later they have this as a headline story and whole article?

Disney Dudes' Dicks?!

Really? And it made the "Trending on Related Blogs"?

So now I have to spend all day with this in rotation? Shouldn't there be some kind of filter on that so I don't need to see a rotating message trying to get me to click on Disney Dicks?


This is a pretty big double standard and it's not cool. Yes I know this isn't graphic rape porn which is CLEARLY on a higher level, a whole different ball game.

But maybe, just maybe we can keep ANYTHING NSFW out of the rotating "click on me" carousel. For the record I'm not a fan of NSFW posts on OPPO, Jalopnik, or any where in the network, no matter which sex is in the post (I'd have the same opinion if it was Disney Princesses nude). That's all over the internet and I don't need it mixed with news and/or cars. I know when links are marked NSFW I don't click on them. I have no control over the carousel of links though.


Here's a Mercury Cyclone Spoiler burnout for your trouble: