Reaonator Status: Deleted

The mod urge hit, and I seriously couldn’t resist. Yeah resonator delete is not much at all but it’s the domino effect with these things. After being bone stock for more than 2 years I decided to make my car sound like a machine, rather than a nun.

I found out about a muffler shop that was local to me and of course out of curiosity I asked what they could do to my Golf to make it sound better. They recommended doing modifications step by step to really feel how I liked the car. Resonator delete was first step, and it would all depend on the cost if it was worthy of my time. $30 dollars. How the hell could I say no.


I took the car and they lifted it for inspecion. Told me exactly what was going to be done and the process went by excellently. When I first started the mighty 1.4 though I was a little disappointed

The deeper tone was almost unnoticeable, but I wasn’t gonna go overboard and ask for a full muffler delete immediately (which they happily do at an extremely reasonable price). I put down windows and opened up the sunroof for a first drive. The damn Mexicans who built this thing deceived me, I couldn’t hear a thing becuase of how refined the MK7 is. With my windows down and some load on the engine it was finally there, the bark, the deeper tone and the smile on my face.


The shop assured me that the sound would improve within a couple of days that it breaks in, and trust me I can’t wait for those days to go by. I did film a clip of the exhaust on an underground car park but I want the break in period to go by so the sound really improves; A clip will for sure be posted for the sake of your ears’ enjoyment. The shop manager also gave me the info of another shop that will tune my car with REVO stage 1 to just about inch by GTI power levels. They had to do it didn’t they...

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