Rear bumper installed

Got them from Savage Offroad, and couldn’t be happier. High quality precision product. Lead time was 4-6 weeks, but it actually took a bit longer than that. He stayed in touch with me the whole time though to keep me updated. Came wrapped in plastic and covered in oil, I took them directly to the powder coat shop. Very sturdy design, has an integrated hitch (unrated), and two spots for D-rings. The bars that extend to the side pieces double as rock sliders. I can also still fit a spare in the factory location, though I probably won’t.


I actually don’t care for the circle cut-outs in the sides, but he said he farms out the laser cuts and can’t alter the design. There’s very few people currently making items like this for old 4Runners, so my options were limited. I’m happy though. Now I can finally have the exhaust fixed....not sure where it will end up exiting the rear.

I didn’t put the front on because I need to figure out what kind of winch to bolt to it first, plus I’m going to have the timing belt done and figure the tech will appreciate not having a big obnoxious bumper in the way.

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