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Rear Caliper is Frozen

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Has anyone done a full brake job like this before?

I'm so angry with myself. Today, I started getting a bit of a grinding/whirring noise from the passenger side, rear wheel and prayed that a rock had gotten in there or that the brake shield got bent somehow. No such luck. I took it in to get checked out since I have to work today and the guy said that it was brake grind. Not only was there brake grind on the driver's side, but somehow the passenger side caliper is completely frozen to the rotor. So this mechanic thinks I'm a dumbass...which I am. What pisses me off even more is that the car has a brake sensor. So either the sensor didn't get replaced by the original owner, it's broken, or it's useless. Either way, the quote from the local mechanic was $700 to replace rear calipers, pads, rotors, and brake sensor. Pretty reasonable quote in my opinion, but an irrelevant one.


So, now I have to drive to Cleveland from Cincinnati so that I can get back to all of my tools, which are at my parents house, and order about $400 worth of parts.

Picture above of my MINI during brighter days.

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