Rear window vents

Someone made a post about these things in the past, but they came to my attention again recently.

Back then, I assumed they were a recent thing people liked to do and that they didn’t serve a real purpose. Just track your car with your windows up completely. Maybe they would be beneficial if you had no ac and you wanted to crack the windows, but I bet most people who do this have ac.


But today I was looking at photos of early 90's WRC cars - a practice that I am certain is normal. I imagine that’s what most of the people in my office are doing right now.

That’s when I saw this:

It’s a 1995 EVO 2 RS in WRC spec. In the back window is that window vent - albeit a little hard to make out. The front window appears to be cracked as well.

I assume it’s hot and humid and muggy, and some air passing through a car without AC would be well appreciated.


But the odd thing is that I can’t find any actual technical articles or documents that describe the benefit of these things from back in the 90's.

I anyone has ever come across anything - I'd love to read it.

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