Reason #523 for having a Minivan

Just got Open Water and Nitrox dive certified over the weekend in Monterey, CA with my dad who is already certified...he's been waiting for nearly fifteen years to go diving again and now he finally can! Of course, the Odyssey was perfect for this weekend...easily swallowed six tanks, tons of gear and two suitcases while still managing to pull over the coastal mountains with ease (though you could see the weight over the rear suspension). Then we took a drive down Highway 1 in the Big Sur area with the six tanks still in the back, and the Ody handled as it always does, just a bit harder to stop...still, it never let us down and I had the best weekend ever!

Getting geared up for an early dive...


The iconic Big Sur coast...

Prairie dogging out of the sunroof!


Julia Pfeffier Falls at sunset...magnificent!


And sunrise for another day of diving at Breakwater!


Sea lions everywhere!

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