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Reasonable dream garage

Today’s challenge is to find 4 or 5 cars for your dream garage. The constraining factor? None can be from luxury brands (including BMW and MB, Mini is allowed though.)

For me

1) Chevy Bolt.

Economical little hatchback for city driving. Regen braking is also fantastic for traffic and cities. Plus buying a brand new EV would buy me enough moral high ground credits to not have to constantly rant about my politics and charitable actions on FB.


2) Chevy blazer

Nice little truck for offloading, light towing, or just whatever truck stuff pops up. Mine probably wouldn’t have the lift pictured though.

3) Honda Civic

The main DD. Not even sure which engine or trans combo I’d get since I’ve only driven on configuration, but I do really like the new Civic.


4) Miata

I’m not a Miata fan boy, but I’m a big believer in the “slow car fast” philosophy. It would be this or a BR-Z. However I’ve never had a convertible so I’d give it a shot.


5) Mustang (1st gen if the pic get’s Kinja’d)

This would be the project car to, hopefully, completely restomod.

So Oppo. What would be in your reasonable 5 car dream garage?

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