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I love 90s Mopar.

The 92 is in need of new brakes up front finally at 75k. Time to gather parts:


I suppose I should get rotors too:

Sweet, I’ll have about $20 in new brakes for the front.


My parts arrived last night. I went with the “expensive” $.97 pads, which were listed as “Prostop” brand, and the API Rotors, which have been on the car for the last 25k miles without issue.


In case anyone was wondering what $.97 brake pads look like:


They look like good Raybestos Prostop pads.

Given I have already used API rotors on the car, with very good results, I have no concerns with them either.


I started toying with RA’s cheap parts when I started working on the car. To be completely honest, most of what I’ve gotten so far is better quality than the name brand junk I used to use.

As it stands right now, the car has cheap pads/rotors/shoes/drum, cheap axles, cheap wheel bearings, cheap struts, Moog suspension components. So far all the cheap parts are showing no sign of giving up, meanwhile I’ve already had to replace the Moog sway bar bushings.


After getting numerous junk “name brand”/“expensive” parts right out of the box, or having them fail 500-1000 miles later, I figured “screw it, if I’m going to have to replace it once a month anyway, I might as well save my money”. You know what, since I started “saving” my money buying the cheap parts, I spend less time fixing because the parts are actually better!

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