Reason 1: It's got a CVT, that'll last all of 10,000 miles.

Reason 2: Not available as a hybrid. (Cab drivers don't like this evidently.)

Reason 3: It's got this horrible, "Not angry horn" that lights up an "angry light" and some wimpy little barely audible noise. Yelling "fuck you" out the window is the horn in that case.

Reason 4: Not all of them are handicap accessible. How is a handicapped person to tell which hideous yellow van he/she can get into?

Reason 5: It's got the same center of gravity of a semi and has little tiny baby wheels.


Reason 6: It's not a Crown Vic.

Reason 7: Cab drivers liked the Crown Vic because of how many parts were available, and how great the car was at serving it's purpose. This is a bulbous Japanese van that is pretty much only limited to being a cab.


Reason 8: Do "germ fighting seats" repel gonorrhea? If not, then this is a bad idea.

Reason 9: It's ugly as sin.

Reason 10: They will all be dead within a year, Did somebody say suspension?

Reason 11: This and iconic go together like "tasty, and feces."


My suggestion to Mayor What's-his-face is to get rid of this contract that makes these the only cabs, and contract Ford to dig up their stuff they left at St. Thomas and make these again.