The weather sucked the last few days, so I just cleaned up the gasket mating surfaces and parts. Today I spent about 6-7 hours starting the real reassembly!

Got the block-side gasket surfaces cleaned up...

I spent a few hours with brakeclean, scraper, and ye-olde brass brush to get the remaining dead gasket crap off.

tacking on the block-side gasket with some Permatex Form-A-Gasket #2 to hold it in place
timing plate and gears in place, all lined up... the cam gear was just as hard to get on as it was to get off, despite the fact that I heated it up quite hot with the torch before even trying. plenty of assembly lube in the oil pump and governor.
clamping on the cover just to seat the gaskets, again with permatex #2...
lined up, with all bits in place...
Torqued down to 7-ft-lbs. Was a real PITA to reconnect the linkage to the injection pump from the governor.
Crank pulley installed! Still need to torque down the injection pump.
painted the removed body panels while they’re off (ignore the gasket still in it’s packing, I took this picture before reassembly of that level)
even the bottom bits. Its orange-peely, perhaps even runny in places, but well covered.

Still need to torque down the injection pump, put on the water pump, and reassemble the cooling system. I flushed the radiator and thermostat housing in prep today.

I’m debating starting it up without coolant in it just to make sure the timing bits are good before I reassemble the cooling system and block access...

Beer and dinner. Well deserved.

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