Another successful oil change... No drips, but a little bit of condensation around the oil pan. I didn’t drop the drain plug or get a single drop on the driveway. Second time in a row!

I then attempted to clean it... I dare not call what I did “Svending.” But it’s better-ish than it was. Yes, that is a bent hubcap, which I suspect was the tire shop that didn’t know you can’t pop it off and then I guess decided to hope I would never notice.


Driver’s foormat is nearing the end of its life. Various stains in the cloth remain, but I try. I need a professional. Or better gear. Just be glad you didn’t see any ”before” photos.


I will say that while a base Vibe is unremarkable in every way imaginable, it’s also mindlessly reliable. 52,000 miles over 3+ years and all I’ve done is replace the tires, the radiator fan, three bulbs, and changed the oil.

Eeeeyup. Mindlessly... Mindlessly reliable... 😴