Rebuild update with pics!

So work has been going (unsurprisingly) slow going. my meticulous nature, the weather, a lack of help, and life have conspired to an end result of not moving very fast. However, it is getting done.

Got the hood off all by myself.


It’s not as bad as it looks, I swear. At least you know what is taking so long.

Weight reduction motherf*ker! I couldn’t get the fittings off (rusted solid) so I had to cut the hoses. No big loss there


I snapped every bolt on the bracket trying to get the condenser off.

So mkbruin. You remember what I said? lol.


All ready to go. Engine hoses, Wiring harness disconnected, motor mounts unbolted. Still missing a few things, waiting to drain the fluids and the final stuff in one go. Radiator shroud and fan almost entirely off. I realized I will need new transmission cooler lines, hopefully I can get those local. still got to do fuel line removal, and disconnect the power steering pump. Sunday is looking good, the weather should be fine and I should have a helper.

Current concerns? There are some bolts on the intake manifold that look pretty crusty. How much fuel line do I need to take off? Just worried about crushing things on accident.

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