From June 1, 2014 to June 13, 2014 NHTSA, via its outsourced contractor-lead hotline, received 2,587 unique complaints from vehicle owners. Of the 2,587 complaints 792 were for GM vehicles (chart below.)


I took the 792 complaints and parsed them out by model and year into the table below – a table that will make your eyes burn. As you can see (or can you?) many of the complaints for the covered period are for vehicles under GM's ignition recall, many from owners upset with how long GM is taking to provide the parts required to repair their vehicle.

Am very disappointed in GM's handling of the February 10 and April 10, 2014 recalls of 2008 Chevrolet Cobalts. I am a 2008 cobalt owner, and I still have not received a letter nor has my uncle who is the registered owner. I, as a consumer, feel slighted and certainly disregarded. I will not recommend any GM sedan of this nature to anyone.

I am very frustrated at the pace of the recall for the Saturn Ion, recalls 14v047 and 14v171. I've contacted the local dealer several times and called the gm customer assistance line with no satisfaction. There have been no parts available for months

I feel that for a recall that has caused several deaths, GM should be getting the replacement parts in quicker. It took them over a month to even notify me of the recall

Then you have your traditional complaints like this one:

My 2001 Saab 9-5 has been experiencing a check engine light for a while on and off…


Curious how many total unique complaints NHTSA has received over the years? This is what I calculated.


Same numbers, month-by-month, 2013-2014.


Before you start the "this isn't news!" crap - you are correct, this isn't "news" in terms of BREAKING: THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN FLORIDA ON DASH CAMS. But as someone who enjoys digging around in data and making line graphs, I thought it was interesting and something worth sharing.