When is the manufacturer required to make a repair on your car outside of warranty? What does that have to do with a Technical Service Bulletin? Do “Secret” warranties exist? These are questions I hear all the time. And here is what I say in response - in podcast form.

Generally speaking, recalls are issued by manufacturers for safety issues. As such, you do not pay for the repair and it is irrelevant if your car is within its warranty.

Technical Service Bulletins are issued by a manufacturer when it has figured out how to fix an otherwise-nagging problem which has stumped its mechanics. The mere fact that they have figured out how to fix it does not mean they will pay for the fix if you are out of warranty.

And of course, Secret Warranties are what we call those situations where the manufacturer might fix something if you complain about it properly. But the manufacturers will tell you these don’t exist. That’s why they are secret. Like all all those tigers and dragons you never saw in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. They were there - they were just crouching and/or hidden.


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