Recap of Day 2 of The Journey Across America: Dirt Track Racing!

Day 2 (yesterday), took me from Las Vegas, NV to Durango, CO. The roads were great, the views were spectacular and I slept in my car down by the river in Durango. Actually.

Las Vegas to St. George, UT was one of the more wonderful pieces of interstate I have ever encountered. The canyons I-15 cuts through are stunning and the road itself is quite nice as well. St. George, as it turns out, is a lovely little town as well. From St. George, I cut through Zion National Park, which, wow. Look:


After Zion, I headed back into Arizona via Page and Lake Powell over Glen Canyon. All across the Navajo reservation after that and then finally past the four corners and into Colorado. The first big town you hit in CO is Cortez. As it turns out Cortez has a dirt oval track, on which racing was happening last night. Boondocks would describe it charitably. Take a look:

It was excellent! There were also burnouts, a lot. I took some video, but I can’t seem to upload here. So head over to my Instagram (@thoughtsofJCO) if you would like to watch the racing.

Today it’s onto Pikes from Durango!

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