My Recaro E21 seats have been refurbished and are ready. The car isn't but the project has just gotten an extra boost due to this.


And I must say: They look pretty neat.

Perforated leather, piping, it all looks good. Just one thing I'm not totally happy about is the BMW-roundels.


The E21 had those stamped on but recreating that was impossible. So the shop said it could be stitched. I was afraid they coudn't do this stitching this small but they were certain so I gave it a go. But at delivery they came out somewhat bigger (almost double the size), 'making it smaller was impossible due to the characters'. That's what I told them in the first place... Not sure what to do with that right now.

Nevertheless they look and seat awesome. Now I'll have to find a way to mount them to the 2002-frames. And I want to replace the switches/knobs to adjust/flip the seats, I think I saw somebody on ebay offering them new.


Rear seats have been redone as well to match.

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