My in-laws are pretty awesome, they give me random stuff that is actually interesting. Yesterday my dad-in-law gave me this book on the first 75 years of GM history. 

It was copyrighted in 1983, so it is a bit dated, but it’s a product of its time which is what makes it so unique. Also, GM is the perfect car company to make a book on; there have been so many different brands (old and new) over the years under the GM name, it makes it fascinating to see the brands journey up to that year.

Wanted to share the table of contents with you guys. The book touches on multiple sub-brands, including Opel and Holden. In fact, when I first saw this page I immediately looked for Holden, because a history book on GM wouldn’t be complete without it, :).


When each brand is introduced, there is a short by extremely informative one page write up. Then usually there are a few pics with the cars of the topic, with context written about each pic.


And some of the pics are gorgeous....

Let’s not forget the experimental cars!


I absolutely love the pictures in this book, they are top notch. I could just stare at the cars without even reading the book. :)